Here is a timeline and access to Tom Hoods 28 recorded music projects and bands.

2018 Tom Hood & The Tropical Sons Tonite at Trader Toms

2016 Tom Hood     Its My Black & White World

2015 Tom Hood & The Trailmen    Lost Again

2014 Tom Hood & The Trailmen    Hands of Time

2013 Tom Hood & The Tropical Sons     Too Much Sun

2012 Tom Hood & The Trailmen  Island Fever

2011 Tom Hood & The Trailmen  Trailmix (no longer available)

2010 Tom Hood & The Trailmen  Get Outta Town

2009 Tom Hood & The Trailmen  Dust in your Hands

2008 Tom Hood & The Trailmen Riding into Town

2005 The Unknown Gentlemen  Love Waits for No One

2004 The Unknown Gentlemen  Ballad of The Unknown Gentlemen

2003 The Unknown Gentlemen  Way Out

2002 The Unknown Gentlemen  Aint No Kin of Mine

2001 Lex & The Hood   A Band for all Seasons

2000 PC & The Hood   Us vs Them

1999 PC &The Hood     Divorced

1998 PC & The Hood

1997 PC & The Hood   Kitchen Sessions

1993 Dirty Water Dogs   Dirty Water Dogs

1992 Empty Suits  Press on Regardless

1991 Empty Suits  Get The Picture

1989 Empty Suits  Always in Fashion

1988 Raw Edge   Beatnicks fromMars

1985 Empty Suits  Good Reception

1983 Empty Suits  On with the Show

1981 Empty Suits  Just..The Empty Suits

1979 The Figbees



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